Thursday, November 13, 2008

I-Feel Girl Search 2008 - Part 1

I'm back to blog! Today post will be I-Feel Girl Search 2008 @ Sungei Wang instead of posting Putrajaya Outing. (dowan clash with Darren's post =p)

Darren, DG, and Me decided to go Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, we are late missed for the opening ceremony. Later on, Darren told us that there was an I-Feel event at Sungei Wang, then 3 of us just cabut to there.

I guess we spent 3 hours+ for these event, just to shoot the girls *tracy*. Oh ya, MT's joined us too. Here goes some of my photos:

I-Feel Girl Search 1
1) Girl Search. Are you?

I-Feel Girl Search 2
2) Emcees of the event. You know who are them?

I-Feel Girl Search 3
3) I dance. I dance.

I-Feel Girl Search 4
4) Shake it. Shake it.

I-Feel Girl Search 5
5) A song for you.

I-Feel Girl Search 6
6) Vote me can?!

All these photo are part of the girls performing their talent. More fashion show photo from the girls next post. End my part one post here.
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