Saturday, November 15, 2008

I-Feel Girl Search 2008 - Part 2

Watched Quarantine these early morning with Cheongy, Weisanz, and Lim. Thanks Youthsays! Rates: 5/10 (Storyline ok. It's a low-cost movie, don't really like the shaky camera. @.@)

Let's continue I-Feel Girl Search 2008 part 2, few fashion photo's from the girls:

Ifeel (part2-1)
1) Big Love.

Ifeel (part2-2)
2) Double Love.

Ifeel (part2-3)
3) Kito. 1st Runner-up

Ifeel (part2-4)
4) The winner takes it all~ (Tracy)

Ifeel (part2-5)
5) Top 10 girls who qualified.

Basically these was top 10 qualifying round on the first day. I just went for the first day searching =) (Overall from the search, the winner was Tracy). End of my I-Feel post.

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival soon. I should get back to work on FYP! & Weblog! 4 weeks left...


Silent Siputz said...

Hi! Nice blog you have. Nice photos taken too! Keep it up yea =D

Btw, Thank for visiting my blog and leaving comment. Anyway, I'm from PJCAD (PJ College of Art & Design). And what about you?

Hon Mun said...

Hello Steph. Thx for dropping back.. =) im studying in tarc now..

Shiveeleaves said...

lagi lagi dengan i-feel girl.

Hon Mun said...

oh klpf sedang mari.. tunggu tunggu ya..

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