Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teaser post from Sekinchan.

Officially my blog didn't update for a week! lolol!

How's your Saturday? I spent my Saturday at Sekinchan for photo shooting, the paddy field damn greennnnnnn ok! 3 photo's for tonight. Enjoy Sekinchan! =)

Sekinchan Teaser 1
1) Paddy Field @ Sekinchan.

Sekinchan Teaser 2
2) Water Reflection.

Sekinchan Teaser 3
3) Sunset (like the blue-ishhh feel)

This month will be a hectic month, everyone is rushing their Final Year Project (FYP). Mine still in progress about 30%, left 4 weeks to due with the dateline. Good luck everyone.



♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

my saturday is at desa park city shooting lo.. kaka..
d pic was so nice oh...
n... chicken hot pot is nice.. hehe..
nex time u treat me eat la..
thanks hemsem...

Silent Siputz said...

Nice photos! I saw more at Little Egg's blog ler.. Hehehe...
Post more lor

Hon Mun said...

next time ajak me go again lor.. sekinchan really nice!

Sekinchan really a nice place for photoshooting. I will post more after all my pending post.. hehehe

Silent Siputz said...

u edit first only u post it up?

Hon Mun said...

1) contrast +2

2) and 3) not edited.. =p

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