Sunday, November 2, 2008

Malacca Nyonya Food.

Continue from my Malacca trip here. These was day 2 morning and we had Nyonya food as brunch. (missed the breakfast from the hotel that already paid) It somewhere nearby Jonker street. Seriously, the Nyonya food really nice indeed.. I will pay a visit again when going Malacca.

So now pictures of the food starts:

Nyonya Food - 1
1) Donald & Lily Corner

Nyonya Food - 2
2) Nyonya Rojak (1.5/5)

Nyonya Food - 3
3) Nyonya Curry Mee (3/5)

Nyonya Food - 4
4) Nyonya Curry Fish (2.5/5)

Nyonya Food - 5
5) Nyonya Potato Chicken (4/5)

Nyonya Food - 6
6) Cendol (2/5)

Done with brunch and we walk around for souvenirs then back to KL. End of my Malacca 2D 1N post 5 here.

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4


Shiveeleaves said...

melaka lagi!
i wan cendol,looks very nice!

Hon Mun said...

cendol not really nice, just ok. The potato chicken mmg nice!! ahahh

assamlaksa said...

for ur info the Nyonya Potato Chicken they called it ayam ponteh. its a very famous dish in melacca

Josephine said...

the nyonya curry looks like Singapore Laksa

Hon Mun said...

Now I know. lolol. seriously very nice!

quite lor.. the taste just ok.. :)

Unknown said...

eh not heard bout this restaurant... btw, nice photos :)

Hon Mun said...

thanks! this restaurant facing to a car park n sungai..

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