Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.

Wootsss! i'm back here! been a long time didn't update my blog - busying with final year project that due by this coming Saturday *sleepless* - back to my recent outing, it's was Youth' 09 that ended few days ago

Darren ajak-ed me to join one of the activities that was Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge - There were 170 contestants registered for the challenge - 1 vs 1 photography challenge, winner will get to next rounds (7 rounds in total). Mmm.. show you one picture of how the challenge goes, photo will do the explanation.

How's it goes.
finals round = round 7 which is the last theme.

PK rounds.. hope that you understand what the picture shown. lolol Each round will be given different theme, contestant are given 30 minutes to shoot & submitting last 10 pictures, must be in sequence - and choose the best 5 photo from there. Okays, I failed in explanation *kills me pls*

Here's the photo I submitted for each round *chosen 1 of the 5 pic to post up here*

Theme: Red
Theme 1: Red.

Theme: Actions
Theme 2: Actions.

Theme: Taste
Theme 3: Taste.

Theme: Friends
Theme 4: Friends.

Theme 5: Suprise.

Theme: Controlling
Theme 6: Controlling.

Theme: Old
Theme 7: Old.

Challenging yet tiring for 2 days, spent almost the whole day at the event. Anyways, I felt that I'm lucky enough to get into finals round - a great Year 2009 ahead to me =)


Kuntong said...

so, u won it?

Wen Jing ^^ said...

So how's the competition?
When's the final?
congrats for entering finals round!

Hon Mun said...

Yesh! lolol =)

[Wen Jin]
That's 2 days comp. finals round was 2nd day.. the winner takes it all.. ahah

HitoMi Ng said...

Fuyoh!! Somebody won the DSLR

Ehem ehem...syok la...bila belanja?!

Wah...the theme pretty hard wo - controlling

Hon Mun said...

controlling still okay. I felt the the surprise more hard.. lol

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