Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lucky Day. Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.


Okays, these happens a week ago at Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge. Unexpected at all I did get through the finals and the lucky me won myself a Nikon D40x & shirt from 60 earth hour.

Nikon D40x
1) Nikon D40x.

Winner of Youth'09 Expression Photography Challenge.
2) Thanks Eggy for this picture.

Hope this year of Rat Cow will bring me more lucks.. and Yeah! college life ended, I will miss all of you.. AMLers roxxx! do keep in touch. and keep visit lah my blog.. ahahaha!

*AMLers means My classmates*


Kuntong said...

since u are a Canon, whn u wan donate the D40X n the T shirt to me?
Congratz.... u r PRO!!!!

Hon Mun said...

lolol..thanks! but already donated the d40x.. =p

him and her said...

u not donated lo!!!! u sold!! XD

Hurley said...

adui, jealous la...So you are that guy with two little girls with ya, eh? Anyway, congrats. =P and I'm not the only one using a compact camera. =D

Hon Mun said...

lol yesh. u did very well d, can get thru top 16..

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