Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Sekinchan.

Okays, I'm back to blogging mode. Let's have Sekinchan for now - the month of November, 2008 - Darren drove us to there for photo shooting - very nice paddy field @ Sekinchan *love it*

We meet up Kim, DG, CP & Chong Hua - they were there for video shooting as their FYP and they brought us to paddy field. The weather was damn nice on the afternoon, blue sky, sun damn bright til you can't open up your eyes. *check out Kim & DG final year project video*

Hello Sekinchan by munster0606.blogspot:






#06 - DG's babe.

#07 - Lengzai Kim

#08 - Sekinchan Jump.

#09 - Egg . 20 . Darren . Kim . (I shoot you. You shoot me)

Will be back with more Sekinchan photos - before I end up this post, wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year 2009! *Golden Ox*, eat more, play more, win more, luck more, jump more, & visit more to my blog! =)


Unknown said...

i still got one post of sekinchan haven't post...

vialentino said... r u doing? drop by to say hi ....gong xi fa cai to u...

Hon Mun said...

I tot you finish d.. lol cepat blog it =p

doin good so far.. =) Happy CNY to you n family.. moo~

Kai and Baobei said...

great place man, hahaha, im from Sekinchan ! Welcome and hope you will travel there often ~ :)

Hon Mun said...

Yes! very nice place for photo shooting, I wish to be there again.. ehehe

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