Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Gadgets.

A quick update before I out for yumcha. Been busy yet lazy for quite a time - outings everyday. I bought something new here, good to share with all here, let guess what is that ok people's?

What's that?

Revealing the answer on the next post okay.

*hints - as the title above*


Kuntong said...

muz be Canon 50D. =P

Kai and Baobei said...

shutter controller? camera external battery pack? headphone? mp3 player? kekeke

k3lv1n87 said...

i also got la .. eleh

Shiveeleaves said...

i also got lah,sb800 better than ur lo

Jing-leBelle said...

580 EX II ? and wireless trigger?

Hon Mun said...

got no money to upgrade body yet.. hehe..

almost there.. lol

bising.. =p

why you got sb800?

u got one rite.. lolol =p

Shiveeleaves said...

see also know is what la,you thought people so stupid meh

Hon Mun said...

why you know?

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