Saturday, April 25, 2009

Triumph - Zero to Sexy @ One Utama.

Today internet line is damn slow like turtle (perhaps even slower), sigh.

My black friday:

Can't log into,
Can't log into Restaurant City (one of the facebook flash game),
Facebook loads very slow,

Conclusion, everything with internet is slow! Okay, let back to the topic - I just got back from 1U for the fashion show, Triumph Zero to Sexy. 3 of us were there for the fashion photo shooting, 1st experience with my speedlite *din use much actually* =). Meet some blogger at there too.

Anyhow, this is a teaser post from the fashion show - 2 picture for now. Oh ya, thanks 20's for pinjam me f2.8 lens.

Triumph - Zero to Sexy
#1 - Sexy Black.

Triumph - Zero to Sexy
#2 - Sexy blueee... *ignore the blurred face, okay*

Here's Munster signing out, adios! =)


Leslie said...

The face was blurred cuz the model tak cantik? lol!!

Skyler said...

hon mun....focus on some parts....LOL.....dun think negative ......hahha

Shiveeleaves said...

model too cantik la,so the pic blur

Hon Mun said...

focus point lari d.. tapi model pretty also althou face blur.. ahaha

my camera goes wrong focusing.. lol

Color too sharp, focus point pun lari to sana.. =p

HitoMi Ng said...

Elek...pergi fashion show tak ajak

Hon Mun said...

not yet end.. the fashion until 3rd of May, cepat go go.. XD

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