Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random no. #141516

Random - Just wanna update some random outing in these few days ago.

Thursday: Went to The Curve for Fashion Fiesta (Gala night).
Friday: Malaysian Dream Girl 2 - Finale.
Saturday: BBQ party with classmates.

Today's the day I stay home for whole day - Hot Sunday... feel damn nice at home, woke up at 3pm after a tiring day BBQ with classmates (awww, should it be Ex-classmates?). Miss them a lot, some of them changed - face grown rounder, tummy bigger, more lengzai.. lolol & some didn't change much.

Fashion Fiesta (Gala night),Fashion,The Curve
#1 - Fashion Fiesta (Gala night). Thursday night.

model,Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 - Ming,Ming
#2 - Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 (Ming). Friday night.

BBQ Party,Friends,BBQ
#3 - BBQ Party with AMLers (classmates). Saturday Night Fever.

That's all for tonight, just wanna update my blog actually by doing this random post. Trying to update Fashion on One - Ashworth in the few days. Stay tuned to munster0606.blogspot. =)

Hon Mun.

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