Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 2 Years Old -


May the 13th,

Time flies so fast, it been 2 years since I started these blog. Browsing thru all the post makes me emo for sometimes, miss the time when outing with my classmates (AMLers), the time we went to Klang, Taman Pertanian, CNY 'bai nian' day, etc. Aihzzzz!

Anyhow, let's check back some of my photos post in these 2 years.

Randomly chosen post:
My first winning of photography competition, Visited Malacca with the gang of 4, First Hot Air Balloon, Korean BBQ with FYP gang, Kajang Satay with AMLers, Visited Broga Hill, Been to MIFA Fashion Show, Visited Sekinchan, First PC Fair with my dSLR, First time visited Penang, Visited Desa Park City, Eye on Malaysia,

***Happy 2 years old***


Unknown said...


winNie said...

happy birthday munster blog ^^

winNie said...

happy birthday munster blog ^^

feifei said...

happy bday to....ur blog, ^^

Kuntong said...


Hon Mun said...

Thank you guys! *happy*

Kai and Baobei said...

oi, man, congrate ya ~ dont worry, we wil support u til the end (i know u stil young la ~ :P) , keep on posting nice photos ya ~

HitoMi Ng said...

happy buffiday!! wah wah wah...two years old edi can fight my three years old

YeeLeng said...

happy birthday to ur blog! lol.. I think poe, me and u punyer blog sama bday month..

YeeLeng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crazywrazy said...

gembira hari jadi
gembira hari jadi
gembira hari jadi to munster's blog
gembira hari jadi.

hope u like my version of happy birthday :P

Hon Mun said...

Thanks bro! thanks for the support.. wuuhoo!

LOL! yalor.. getting old d

Yesh! yours is few days before mine, poE is the next day.. ahaha

lol thanks for the song bro! next time I sing for u when ur blog bday.. hehe

Ken said...

Happy birthday!!
Keep up the good job!

HitoMi Ng said...

apa hitomOi >.<

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Ken!

Typo error! minta maaf kak.. lol

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