Friday, May 29, 2009

Random: Off to UK for studies.

Got back from KLIA, to send them off to UK. This might be the last to see them after they went off to UK for 4 months - i'm gonna missing you guys *donno why I like missing fatshua and his KFC 25%*

4 of us (me, dylan, winnie, puiyee) on the way to KLIA. Reaching there an hour before departure, I was speeding all the way to KLIA - just worry that I will be misses to meet them before they fly.
Wishing AMLers whose going UK have a good journey! Bon Voyage! *now I know what it mean.. lol*

#1 - Kim, me, Kelferd. Lim *kelferd dont club so much!*

#2 - DG the smartest choice, FatFish, Fatshua, myself. *enjoy UK KFC!*

#3 - rainbowmejiaweitoudylan

#4 -Arsenal the poser. DG korek hidung. Dylan in purple.

#5 - not a complete family photo of AMLers, can we have a complete one after 4 months?

#6 - Dyi Chee. Don't sad can.

#7 - Joshua says Bye! I'm going UK to eat KFC!

Once again, good luck guys! I hope you guys are reading this in UK.

*emo emo emo*


BooNMiNG said...

so nice of you all ... how many of your friends studying UK ?? so rich ?? lol ..

Michelle Leong said...

haha..good luck 2 those who r heading off to UK! U guys are from TAR College? So we r schol mates?!

I feel very familiar vf the guy in green shirt(Kim, n since both of us r frm Kepong), i thk we were secondary scolmates b4 if im not mistaken, but v duno each other... Hehe..=)

Michelle Leong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kai and Baobei said...

huh ! i thought u leaving us :( anyway, all the best to ur frens :)

Wen Xian Joshua said...

Yaya...i'm reading this in UK...defenately gonna try out KFC since u remind me about the 25% lolx

Hon Mun said...

16 of them I guess.. miss them alot..

[Michelle Leong]
Yeah! we all are from TARC lolol.. isit? should ask kim see..

I wish too... lol

cepat update UK KFC!! slurpsss..

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