Saturday, June 6, 2009

Joanna Wang in Malaysia @ Central Avenue, One Utama.

Yo people's! Sorry for abandoned my blog for a times - I just got back from Joanna Wang performs in Malaysia, Central Park Avenue @ 1U. Who's here? Joanna Wang Ruo Lin, a Taiwanese singer-songwrite daughter of famous music producer....

As this is teaser post from her promo tour & a picture of my bday - Aawwww! it's 0606! Wish me can? =p

Joanna Wang in Malaysia
#1 - Joanna Wang's live promo tour @ Central Park, One Utama. (5 June 2009)

Joanna Wang in Malaysia
#2 - Her voice rockss!!! awww...

0606! it's my birthday..
#3 - Woot! Happy birthday to myself. Thank you guys for the wishes, cards, cakes, smses, songs, etc. THANKS! =)

Promise myself to update more photo's for the coming post =p Yeah! it's 4.16AM - extremely tired, off to bed now. Good night.


him and her said...

u guys draw wat above my name? =.=!!!!

n hor...ur face damn funny can.. XD

Kuntong said...

Happy Birthday. =)

Anonymous said...

haha nice..
happy birthday =)

k3lv1n87 said...

aiyoo just wrote card creator onli lo ... so gan jiong -_-;

Hon Mun said...

Kelvin wrote one.. *im innocent* =) My face like kena force to smile, lol anyways thanks for the card! suprise can..

Thanks Kuntong! =)

Thankiu Ken! :)

Lengzai's very cincai.. *coughs*

him and her said...

hahahaha... okok!! forgive itu kelvin.. XD

lol.. welcome geh.. apa tu kawan.. sumore we domo family mah...XD

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Joanna. eh? Munster

Hon Mun said...

checked, above ur name is the word u wrote.. "card creator"

kesian kelvin.. ahaha

Happy Bday to myself! =p

crazywrazy said...

tai kor chai lor! bila kahwin with winnie da pooh? lol! faster have few "dSLR" baby also!

Hon Mun said...

not so fast, maybe you first? hahaha remember to invite me to ur wedding dinner.. =D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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