Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Wednesday.

I'm just being lazy this few weeks, life getting harder and harder - trying to push myself up.

Driving into a new world.

Random shot, life are just like a toys car... vrooomm~ pick up~

Hon Mun.

p/s: trying to update my birthday photo in this week.. *gym*


Adrian said...


let me think of the toothpaste xD

Puiyeesss said...

Darlie punya toy car oO... xD

Kuntong said...

but the car abit dirty. =P

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's a gift from Toothpaste?

Hon Mun said...

Yeah Adrian! it's a gift from Darlie..

Yalor boss.. cute kan? lol

ahahaha! yalor, a bit dusty on the back.. =p

Yeah bro! it's a gift from Darlie.. old days..

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