Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Yumcha Strawberry Banana .

Woots! I'm being lazy again, another short post here.

Just back from yumcha with friends @ "Kei Tak Sek" SS2. I had fried seaweed rolls and donno-what-tea. =) Boss Ivy & boss Darren bought we all some strawberry from Cameron Highland, and a special gift for me. Not much to say, so let’s allow the photos to do the talking:

2 photo's for the night. Happy Monday Night.

Dried Strawberry.
#1 - Dried strawberry to share with all, I have to keep this for the next outing. *cepat eat can*

Banana gift from Cameron Highlands.
#2 - Banana gift from Cameron Highlands.

Darren & Ivy says:
We think of you when see this banana..!

Thanks Darren & Ivy for the banana. =)


cmei said...

*woot* banana n strawberry... blend together makes nice smoothies.. hahaha...
peace :D

fattien said...


Hon Mun said...

after drink can 'lai si'.. ahaha:P

They said im.. T.T

him and her said...

hahahahahaha.. *fattien* cuz he dono chinese one mah... so is a BANANA..!!! XD

u r most welcome la... LOL

Hon Mun said...

Thankiu boss Egg... next time I know what to buy for you liao.. ahahaa!

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