Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Pyramid Outing.

Woots! Just back from Pyramid, went to shopping, makan-makan, lepak, etc. Both of my leg can patah d, I was there for 7 hours and 22 mins *parking ticket show that XD* Been a time I didn't feel tired like this, woke up in the morning *surprise kan?* - went to lunch nearby my house after that heading to Pyramid for shopping & tea time & dinner.

I'm dead of tiring now =.=

3 random photos for tonight *I know you say: omg! random post lagi?* Forgot to snap my lunch meal, I had "Lo Yee Mee" quite nice, it somewhere near to the famous Seafood Noodles in Segambut.

Honeymoon - Kiwi Black Grass Jelly
My Honeymoon Dessert - Kiwi Black Grass Jelly.

TGIF - Chicken Caesar Salad.
Chicken Caesar Salad @ TGIF, Sunway Pyramid.

GP Greencell - AAA
GP Greencell Triple A for my wireless mouse. Damn nice, I can use it now after my battery dead for few weeks. *it's free, thank you Uncle Chan =D*

Okay, that's all for tonight - gotta sleep now, whole body like going to be broken into pieces. Good night people's. =)

Eh!? btw how's your Saturday?

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