Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random: Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) 2009.

Another weekend going to end soon - goodbye Sunday... =)

How's your weekend? I spent my Saturday for almost 20 hours, went to few places hanging around with friends. *happy* Today post is just randomly/teaser from Kuala Lumpur Photograhpy Festival (KLPF) 2009 @ Midvalley. It was my 2nd visit to KLPF event, the first was back to a year ago in October 2008.

5 photo's for tonight as a teaser post of KLPF by munster0606 =)

Fujifilm - Hui Jing
#1 - Hui Jing @ KLPF Fujifilm Model Shoot Contest. (have to crop this photo cos' the fat guy in front keep blocking.. damnit)

Nikonian Academy - Jojo.
#2 - Jojo @ Nikonian Academy Photo Shoot.

Tamron - Ginny Gan.
#3 - Ginny Gan @ Tamron booth.

Tamron - Yuki Chow.
#4 - Yuki Chow @ Tamron booth.

D3 owner.
#5 - Big Boss Darren with his babe.. *melts*

More photo will be up when I have the feel to update.. PC Fair! KLPF! =)

Hon Mun.


Kuntong said...

ooi..ooii...big boss holding D3 or D3X ?? kakakaka

Hon Mun said...

that's D3...woohooo! niceee..

wenn said...

nice photos..

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Wenn.. :D

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