Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random: Photo Outing.

The month of August totally a different life to me, I had gone through another new life - getting tired everyday but enjoying together with new friends. Working hard for it, another new day has come... phewww, hopes I will not neglect my blog often. Life getting more tough *gym*

Anyhow, this is another random post of me =) My last weekend photo outing with friends, I really enjoying those day hanging out together - hope there's a photo outing for every weekend! *love it*

New Honda Accord 2009
#1 - New White Honda Accord, damn nice...

Putrajaya Flora Festival 2009
#2 - My first to shoot flora, kinda disappointed with all photo.. :( details here..

Fair August, 2009. Olympus - Hui Jing
#3 - PC Fair (II) 2009, not much special - just computer stuff, models, people's with mask, camera etc.. will blog more about it soon =p

Weekend ending so fast can... tomorrow is Sunday! omg! gotta have a good sleep tonight... *signing out*

Hon Mun =)


edmund ng said...

haha.. rest more bro!
in sunday!

Hon Mun said...

Another weekend ending soon! omg Monday! @.@

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