Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frames & Satay Celup

Hello... Another tiring night, these time was celebrating Kelvin 21st Birthday @ Frames, TTDI. Nice places to go, now will be one photo of the birthday boy, more photo's will be up soon.

So sad that Dylan can't join us for dinner cos' he had a minor accident early these morning, thank god it just a lil' wounded.. take more rest ya'...

Kelvin 21st Birthday @ Frames
The bday boy, 29th October

Okay! Let's continue our Malacca walks, so now we are reaching to dinner session for day 1... We had Satay Celup as dinner, it's quite expensive actually..

Satay Celup - 1
:Capitol Satay Celup:
Queue-ing. pic taken from Kel's camera.

Variety of choice for you to choose.

Satay Celup - 3
each for 70 cents.

Satay Celup - 4

Satay Celup - 5

End of my Part 3 post here. gtg sleep now! ciao..


him and her said...

satay celup nice merh? hehe.. =P

MT said...

kelvin this photo looks nice....:D

Hon Mun said...

just okok only.. like normal steamboat just the soup replace jadi sauce

mesti lah, me the photographer mah.. ahahaha =p

MT said...

yoh! lansi alrdy

Hon Mun said...

ahahaha =p

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