Sunday, October 19, 2008

KLPF & i-Feel

Another Happy Saturday. Went to Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival and i-Feel Girl Search 2008 with Darren & DyiChee. Later on meet up with MT, Kelvin and YeeLeng.

2 photo's for tonight. Damn tiring lah, I was there from 12pm to 7pm! A total 7 hours! More photo's will be up after my pending post.

i-Feel Girl Search
Contestant No.2, Tracy.

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)
Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF)

Saw quite a number of blogger's there too.
I'm going to 'Canon Goes Green' tomorrow morning. Oh no! Actually in a few hours. (LOL!!!! Sounds familiar-kan?)

Ok, hope tomorrow I can wake up early luu. Nitez all.


♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

my fren oso bcum a model during I-feel girl search tat time... i think u shud see her thr too..

Hon Mun said...

ohh.. introduce to me lah.. ahaha

Penny said...

halo~i was there yesterday ^^ haha~ tracy my friend too ^^

Hon Mun said...

I see. lolol Grace's ur fren too rite..

Penny said...

yup...she's my classmate ^^

Hon Mun said...

ohh.. what course you studying now?

Adrian said...

hor....dint see you at the KLPF over there ; )

Hon Mun said...

i was there on saturday only with darren n frens

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