Sunday, October 26, 2008

Make It A Random Day.

Hey! Happy Deepavali to my neighbors & all Indians.. lolol! Okay! Tonight post was simple, just 5 random photo's from my Taman Pertanian trip. Here you go;

The Cyclist
1) The Cyclist

My Snearkers
2) My Sneakers

Your Pathway
3) Your Pathway

Random 1
4) Taman Pertanian Lake

Random 2
5) Paddy Field

So which one you like the most?


him and her said...

erm.. all also not bad... but no one pop out to make me feel i very very very very like... =P

Anonymous said...

how u edit till ur picha looks so old de? de tutorial?

Hon Mun said...

I personally likes the first pic, bicycle. =p

share you in school.. XD

him and her said...

hehe... don worry... ur pic all look nice de...

haha... [cheong] i know how i know how~ if im not wrong.. =P

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